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FAQs for Brighton Cabinetry

What are lead times for Brighton Cabinetry deliveries?

Standard lead times are 6-7 weeks
If certain criteria are met, delivery can be as quick as 23 business days

How does Brighton Cabinetry compare to other brands?

The companies I represent don’t easily fit into the standard definitions of custom, semi-custom, and stock. Let me explain. Brighton is priced at or below nationally branded semi-custom products. Yet Brighton offers more colors, will supply any door you want, color match, provides virtually unlimited customization and beat the bigger companies with their quality.

You can request my free market price comparison via email at bob@dovetailmarketing.net

Does Brighton Cabinetry offer marketing support?

Brighton offers

  • An informative website 
  • a color brochure for homeowners
  • a detailed price book and product manual

Are Brighton Cabinetry's products on 20-20? How do I order?

Brighton products are on 20-20. You order by submitting your 20-20 .kit file via email.

How does Brighton Cabinetry ship?

Cabinets are cardboard wrapped and shipped in a sealed container via common carrier to commercial locations. In New Jersey, JJ Tristate is typically used, but delivery can go to shipper of your preference. CDS Logistics is also used for final mile delivery in locations throughout PA, MD and NY. 

Curbside delivery is also available if a 53' trailer can access residential location. This has a curbside fee, and, as you’d expect, the fee doesn’t include unloading of the cabinets.

Are Brighton Cabinetry's cabinets all plywood construction?

Yes. Brighton Cabinetry builds both Frameless/Euro/Full Access Cabinetry and Framed cabinetry with all plywood construction.

What areas does Brighton Cabinetry represent?

  • PA
  • NJ
  • VA south of Fredricksburg, MD
  • Western NY
  • DE

Brighton Cabinetry sells into larger geographic areas through other representation

Can you describe the quality of Brighton Cabinetry's cabinets?

All aspects of cabinet construction -- including sanding, finishing, custom options, color matching, construction options – all exceed those of typical nationally branded semi-custom cabinets.

How agreeable is Brighton Cabinetry to design flexibility and construction options?

Brighton is custom in that they build custom sizes, make custom pieces, color match, and will source items not in their catalog. Their specifications and quality exceed high quality semi-custom cabinets.

What are Brighton Cabinetry’s display and sample programs?

Brighton Cabinetry has a 50% display discount and puts 4% of purchases into a co-op account for samples and advertising. They also have a sales center if display space is tight. Color blocks, sample doors and brochures are discounted 50%. You can use your co-op dollars to pay for discounted samples. This is an especially good deal with displays. Co-op dollars are good for a year.

For more information on finish options, door styles and to view a photo gallery of completed jobs, visit Brighton’s website.