About Us: ​We Work With Elite Kitchen & Bath Design Experts 

How We All Win

My number one goal is that you make a great cabinet supplier decision for your business. I want you to have long term profitability from your cabinetry suppliers. And satisfied customers.

I represent the best manufacturers for their price point/category, not the cheapest for a category. If your problem is “not cheap enough”, you have a marketing problem, and not a cabinet manufacturer price problem (I have great marketing resources if you need them).

Here is an example of how a cabinet manufacturer that you may consider “more expensive” gives you a sales advantage. I represent US Cabinet Depot, an imported stock cabinet. For a white Shaker style door, it's 15% more than Fabuwood. Fabuwood lacks colors and wood species options. Designers use US Cabinet Depot's color options as a design advantage for “two color kitchens”. Turns out nobody cares about a 15% price difference for white Shaker when given a superior design option.

Something I won't do is oversell a cabinet manufacturer’s quality. I hear it all the time from designers. They change manufacturers when they are disappointed in quality, customer service or delivery issues, and I don’t want that to happen to you if you go with one of my cabinet lines.

Don't think you need price comparisons? I'll do them for you anyway with pricing for a variety of doors, wood species, finish options and accessories. This is the information you need to make the best, informed buying decision.

With the advantage of hearing 40+ customers tell me how they sell my products, I know what wins them jobs. You get to benefit from that peer input.

I hate when one of my cabinet lines doesn’t work out for the designer. I feel like a failure. It really bugs me that I failed to help you. And that your time and financial resources were wasted ordering samples, buying displays, etc. 

What qualifies me to make recommendations for your business? I have sold wholesale to the new construction market. I have run a kitchen dealership with a partner. Gone through all the steps of remodeling a showroom, selecting vendors, sourcing tradespeople, and developing a marketing plan.  For over 15 years I have sold to kitchen designers. And learned a lot

You and I are on the same team. I will work with you to make your business better.