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Where Brighton Fits into the Custom Market

Entry Level Custom Cabinets

Characteristics of cabinets in Entry Level Custom Category

  • Clear quality step up with expanded options over national semi-custom brands (like Master Brands or Masco)
  • Custom color matches
  • Custom sizes
  • "You design we build" – with limitations
  • Expanded wood species offering that goes beyond "typical". Lyptus, Red Birch, Walnut, Quarter Sawn Oak etc., plus the more standard woods -- Oak, Maple, Cherry.
  • Better quality finishes than semi-custom. They look deeper with less "junk" in top coat
  • They’re good but not great at wood selection. Not as choosy in selecting out sap, etc.
  • Typically use 2020 Technologies for pricing and design
  • Less production driven than semi-custom, but more production oriented than Elite custom
  • Customer service staff better informed and interactive than semi-custom
  • Usually comes from mid-west (IL, IN, MN)
  • Priced 0-20% more than semi-custom, depending on finish and wood species

** Brighton fits into Entry Level Custom **

Elite Custom Cabinets

Characteristics of cabinets in Elite Custom category

  • Do everything Entry Level Custom does, just a little better. Finish has more depth, more clarity, sanding is better, box is more square
  • Usually do more in their shop vs. outsourcing, like making their own doors, drawer boxes, front frames, or other custom/architectural elements, like hoods or turnings. This lends itself to better overall wood working capability than Entry Level Custom
  • Pricing spectrum too complicated to fit into 2020 Technologies
  • Often use programs like Advance Ware for pricing
  • Broader – even unlimited, range of exotic wood species, such as Wenge, Mahogany, Crotch Mahogany, Narra, etc. 
  • Will perform custom requests, such as one wood species for center panel of cabinet door and another on frame of door
  • Willing to build 1" thick frames and doors and upgrade box to 3/4" thick construction
  • Will change drawer openings and/or wall cabinet depths for inset
  • Better color matching capabilities
  • Unique finish capabilities, such as milk paint and dye stains
  • More likely to combine cabinets at no charge to enhance inset appearance
  • Customer service team members are skilled at helping with orders, making suggestions and ensuring your kitchen goes together well
  • Very little they will not do
  • Usually manufactured in south central Pennsylvania or shops serving local area or smaller region
  • Priced 0-20% more than Entry Level Custom
  • Stylecraft cabinetry fits into Elite Custom

Premier Custom

Characteristics of cabinets in Premier Custom category

  • Some capabilities that exceed Elite Custom, such as offering high gloss sheens (over 80) or work with high gloss veneers
  • Usually do frameless and face frame cabinetry
  • Finishes are a little better than Elite
  • May have 3/4" box construction and 1" thick as standard, justifying some of additional cost
  • Priced 15-30% more than Elite Custom
  • Companies like Neff, CraftMaid, Premier Custom Built, and Birchcraft fit into Premier Custom