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Why You Should Be Selling Jay Rambo Frameless Cabinetry

What is Behind the Popularity of Frameless?

Frameless cabinetry is the fastest growing segment of the kitchen and bath industry. Following close behind is framed cabinets in full overlay styling because full overlay mimics the look of frameless.

Backlash to the Paint-and-Glaze Trend

The Euro-look frameless trend cam about as a backlash reaction to the overly ornamented, ornate Tuscany-themed kitchens of the ‘90s & ‘00s. Those intricate designs were expensive. Not all homeowners could afford them. They were difficult to design and manufacture and install.

Frameless provided and continues to provide a welcome alternative to those heavily painted-and-glazed and distressed kitchens, for both designers and homeowners.

Kitchen Designer Preferences

Kitchen designers get tired of designing the same kitchen over and over. They look for different materials and styles to recommend to their clients. And when you recommend a product or style or look to your clients, they will most likely take your advice. Since frameless is so versatile, it can adapt to any style preference – modern and contemporary for sure but also transitional even traditional. It doesn't matter what your client asks for, frameless can provide. 

Kitchen designers demand frameless cabinets; manufacturers will supply them. Supply and demand in action.

Jay Rambo Frameless Cabinetry High Gloss Lacquer

Why Recommend Frameless to Your Clients?

Another reason kitchen designers are recommending frameless is because their favorite manufacturer is promoting them. Manufacturer incentives. Contractor / installer requests.

All designers have their favorite cabinet manufacturer, the one they prefer to work with. Easy ordering. Dependable shipping. Helpful customer service at the factory. Cabinets that arrive on time as ordered. Stable pricing. You name it. There are other reasons, to be sure, and you know what motivates you to stay with your favorite.

Cost Savings

Add-on costs for hand-carved corbels, pilasters and onlays and multi-step finishes are eliminated when specifying frameless. 

Homeowners Want What They See

As more and more designers recommend and sell frameless kitchens, photos of their beautiful completed projects appear in the home design magazines, on Houzz and Pinterest. As a result, consumer demand is created for the no-center-stiles look.

Jay Rambo Frameless Cabinetry is Design Flexible

Move Away from the White-on-White Kitchen

The all-white kitchen has had its day. Kitchen designers are tired of it, and homeowners want something different from what their neighbors have. Frameless cabinetry with high gloss acrylic or high gloss lacquer doors or cabinets made using an exotic wood is far removed from white painted kitchens.

Flexible Design

Frameless is versatile and flexible as the basis for any kitchen design or style. It can be anything. Use rift cut White Oak in a Shaker door and create a transitional kitchen that can be magazine worthy. Choose a high gloss lacquer on slab doors for a bar area. Frameless cabinets will be at the center of your next luxury closet project.

Jay Rambo Frameless Cabinetry High Gloss Lacquer

The design pendulum swings every ten years or so, and now it is at the top of the contemporary, modern side. If you’re missing out of the opportunity to cash in on the contemporary craze, if you’re not selling frameless, I’d like to talk to you about Jay Rambo Cabinetry and its multi-levels of frameless cabinetry.

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