My Purpose as a Cabinet Manufacturers' Sales Rep

As a cabinet sales rep, my goal is simple. I want you to sell cabinets from the manufacturer that accomplishes two things:

  1. Their cabinets best suit the needs of your design business, and
  2. They meet the demands of your customers.

No designer changes cabinet manufacturers unless there is a problem. That problem could have been a major screw up that hurt you financially. Or hurt your reputation. The problem could be many small issues, like the manufacturer not meeting your customer service expectations. Or not delivering on time. Or there is always some sort of quality problem. Or doing things that show a lack of appreciation for your business, like not going out of their way to fix a cabinet that got damaged during shipping. Maybe their lead times are too long. Or the quality isn’t what you expected for what the product costs.

Whatever the case may be, I want to get to the bottom of how your current cabinet manufacturer is hurting your kitchen design business. And determine if a company that I represent fixes the problem.