Semi-Custom Cabinets

Why Semi-custom Cabinets?

We can think of semi-custom cabinetry as a hybrid of both stock and custom cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinetry has fewer design options than custom cabinets but more design options than stock cabinets. 

Another advantage of semi-custom cabinets is they cost less than custom cabinetry so you can help your clients save money on their kitchen remodel without compromising quality.

Stock cabinets have predetermined sizes that can’t be changed. As a result, they frequently need fillers to fill in the gaps between the boxes. Not so with semi-custom cabinets where you can adjust the height, width and depth to accommodate your clients’ storage needs.

Plus, semi-custom cabinets offer more design and material choices, including many door styles, finish options and wood species selections.

For an excellent semi-custom cabinetry choice, we recommend Integrity Cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets from Integrity Cabinets