My Sales Process

Getting You Started

First 5 minutes we talk/initial phone conversation

  • Where are you located? Do I have a dealer/designer in your area already?
  • I’m going to ask-what caught your attention about the cabinet manufacturers I represent? What have you seen online or heard that makes you think I have what you need?
  • How important is 2020 Technologies? I have customers that use it all time and customers that will never use it. All cabinet lines are on 2020 Technologies platform.

After the first 5 minutes are out of the way

  • What are your expectations for a cabinet manufacturer? Can we meet those expectations? Think marketing, display discounts, credit, quality, customer service/support, logistics/shipping, and process and procedure expectations.
  • Do you intend to display right away or wait until you see how we perform? I understand why dealers/ designers do this-you have been burned in the past. Either due to the rep mispresenting the product. Or maybe you needed to make a quick decision without time for sufficient due diligence.
  • What is your budget for start-up samples? If you can’t invest at least $1000.00 in samples for Brighton Cabinetry, $500.00 for Legacy Presidential, and 100.00 for US Cabinet Depot you probably will not perform well. Not displaying and not buying enough samples generally doesn’t produce much in sales. But in the absence of a display a nice sample package goes a long way.
  • Do you want to visit a manufacturer? Brighton Cabinetry will reimburse approved/set-up dealers for travel expenses. Talk to me if a factory visit is important to you.

Next Steps

  • Give me a complete kitchen to price with floor plan and material list (Pricing 10 x 10 kitchens without moldings is a waste. As are lists of 8-10 cabinets)
  • Review details of pricing with you-have we explored enough door, finish, and wood species options to give you well informed price representation? Most important with Brighton Cabinetry. Although also important with Legacy due to number of doors they offer.
  • Does manufacturer meet your price expectations?
  • Schedule an appointment to meet at your location
  • Look at samples to determine quality meets your expectations
  • Evaluate product/price manuals (most important with lower cost cabinets lines where SKU’s are more limited)
  • Review display discounts and sample costs
  • Take some more time to evaluate? Or fill out credit application?

Getting you started

  • Your account is set-up at manufacturer
  • Order color blocks and sample doors, and/or display
  • Supply 2020 links/downloads.
  • Acquaint you with any aspects of 2020 that may be confusing (most important with Brighton Cabinetry because of degree of customization)
  • Connect with you key/ every day personnel at factory
  • Answer any other questions you need to design, quote, and order your kitchens

What About Product Training?

I do product training. To what extend we do this depends on the manufacturer.

Training will include

  • Acquainting you with any aspects of 2020 that may be confusing. Most important with Brighton Cabinetry because of degree of customization.
  • Connecting you with key / every day personnel at the factory
  • Providing you with the information you need to design, quote, and order kitchens
  • Answering any questions you may have