Brighton Cabinetry FAQs

Q. How does Brighton Cabinetry compare to other brands?

A. Brighton is priced at or below nationally branded semi-custom products. Yet Brighton offers more colors, supplies any door you want, color matches, provides unlimited customization and beats the bigger companies with their quality.

Q. Does Brighton Cabinetry offer marketing support?

A. Brighton offers

  • An informative website 
  • A color brochure for homeowners
  • A detailed price book and product manual
  • An active social media presence

Q. Are Brighton Cabinetry’s products on 20-20? How do I order?

A. Brighton products are on 20-20. You order by submitting your 20-20 .kit file via email.

Q. How does Brighton Cabinetry ship completed orders?

A. Cabinets are cardboard wrapped and shipped in a sealed container via common carrier to commercial locations. In New Jersey, JJ Tristate is typically used, but delivery can go to shipper of your preference. CDS Logistics is also used for final mile delivery in locations throughout PA, MD and NY. 

Curbside delivery is also available if a 53′ trailer can access residential location. This has a curbside fee, and, as you’d expect, the fee doesn’t include unloading of the cabinets.

Q. What is the quality of Brighton Cabinetry’s cabinets?

A. All aspects of cabinet construction — including sanding, finishing, custom options, color matching, construction options – exceed those of typical nationally branded semi-custom cabinets.

Q. Is Brighton Cabinetry agreeable to design flexibility and construction options?

A. Brighton is custom in that they build custom sizes, make custom pieces, color match, and will source items not in their catalog. Their specifications and quality exceed high quality semi-custom cabinets.

Q. What types of finished ends does Brighton Cabinetry offer?

A. They offer standard finished ends, near flush ends, locking miter joint ends, and decorative ends either with applied doors or as wainscot panel.

Q. What are the standard wood species available from Brighton Cabinetry?

A. Oak, Hickory, Rustic Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Red Birch, Clear Alder. Rustic Alder, Quarter Sawn Oak, Weathered Grain Quarter Sawn Oak

Q. Has Brighton introduced any new colors?

A. They recently introduced 10 new customer-requested finish colors. Read about and view this colorful array.

Q. What are some of Brighton’s most often ordered door styles?

A. Shaker door style is their #1 best seller.  See the complete list here. 

Q. Does Brighton offer built-in cabinet accessories?

A. Brighton offers all of today’s most requested cabinet built-ins. We’ve assembled a list of some of the many available options from Brighton. See them here.